About Us

Jim & Donna RiceJim and Donna Rice have been working together for almost 20 years.  They are like-minded and like-hearted people who have become a dedicated education and training team.  Jim, as a retired US Army officer, taught the curriculum that Donna developed which included communication success skills including the Winning Colors Program, created by Stefan Neilson.  They had the opportunity to be trained directly by Stefan and to receive his wise counsel over the years.

They volunteer Winning Colors® training to youth organizations and charities including the Hampton Marching Elites, the American Independence Foundation, Colonial Virginia Youth Leadership Conferences and the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank culinary arts program.   Now that Jim and Donna are both retired from teaching, counseling, and civil service they are excited about the opportunity to conduct workshops for others and train future workshop presenters so they too can grow personally and professionally from the Winning Colors® Program.

They reside in Williamsburg, VA, where Jim spends time as an adjunct professor, plays and records music (the accordion and keyboard), and writes his first book.  Donna teaches and mentors advance degree candidates on line, and serves on several boards in a number of diverse organizations located across the county.

They have five children and eight grandchildren who live in Northern Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and Colorado.